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The Best Drink Pairings for Our Customer’s Favorite Menu Options

Posted by KMGuru on Aug 8, 2018 1:32:17 PM

At Club 1201, we boast a wide variety of menu items that are created with the freshest ingredients. If you are looking for a perfectly selected food and drink combination, we’ve compiled a small list of the best drink to pair with your lunch entrée at our restaurant.

Wine Pairings With Salads

Green Salad With Vinaigrette

Acidity likes acidity. Choosing a low-acid white like a Chardonnay with a vinaigrette dressing, and you won’t taste the wine at all. But if you pair vinaigrette with a tart white wine like Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, and the vinegar in the dressing will actually bring out the fruitiness of the wine.

Salads With Creamy Dressings

Our creamy cucumber dressing, ranch dressing, French, and bleu cheese are creamy, dreamy salad dressings. Our salmon, shrimp, cucumber, tomato, red onion salad with creamy cucumber dressing pairs wonderfully with Chardonnay. These dressings are creamy, high in fat, and modest when it comes to acidity. Our Laguna Chardonnay or Kris Pinot Grigio would both be excellent options.

Wine Pairings With Sandwiches

Bread and wine – two of our favorite combinations. Bread and wine are a foundation of civilization, and there’s rarely a food that doesn’t pair with wine. Our ham, granny smith apple and brie cheese sandwich? Perfect for the beer lovers.

Wine Pairings With French Dip Sandwich

The simple, hearty flavor of a French Dip sandwich would pair beautifully with the cherry spice of the Rombauer cabernet sauvignon, or even the classic, velty goodness of a Coppola Merlot.

Wine Pairings With Turkey

There’s nothing better than a good American classic – the Turkey Melt. Our perfectly baked turkey calls for a wonderful blend, like Apothic Red (our house favorite!) For deeper wine pairing, the Rombauer Zinfandel offers a bold, seductive choice.

Although many diners may feel the desire to impress friends, colleagues, and family with their expertly crafted wine pairings with their lunch entrees, the most important thing to know about drink pairings is just to choose something that is exciting and tasty to you. If you are in need of direction when it’s time to place your food and drink order, our staff is always happy to help guide you in finding a drink and meal that will perfectly fit your needs.

Looking for the best lunch near me in Joplin MO? Visit Club 1201 Monday through Friday from 11 AM – 3 PM for a true lunch treat!

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